EarLuminators are Storytellers.
Whether they tell it with a music keyboard, or a computer keyboard, a guitar, a voice, or pictures in motion. The writer tells the story to the director, the director to the actors, the actors to the director of photography, the director of photography to the editor, and the editor to the audience.


By JimmyLee

© 2008 James Lee Smith


I keep pulling all the pieces back together

Hoping no one else will see theyíre falling to the ground

But more and more of them I just canít seem to hide

And little shards stick in my hands

Now and then Iíve let a piece spew from my lips

I feel the jagged glares that people cast my way

Inside my mouth I feel the sting of cuts and rips

The pain is more than I can stand

In my path I leave a trail of shattered soul

No longer have the strength to sweep them up

The biggest pieces I still keep hidden in my hold

I long to pour them out on the sands

If I could give you all my heart and all my dreams

And you would still be here beside me at the end

I would shatter into pieces at your feet

And then come together whole again