EarLuminators are Storytellers.
Whether they tell it with a music keyboard, or a computer keyboard, a guitar, a voice, or pictures in motion. The writer tells the story to the director, the director to the actors, the actors to the director of photography, the director of photography to the editor, and the editor to the audience.


    The BEST OF Open Screen Night 2106
    screening is scheduled for January in Chattanooga

    Location: Cine_Rama

    To Be Announced

    To Be Announced


    You like to watch indie movies. We Screen Them!
    We have Open Screen Nights at smaller venues throughout the year. You vote on your favorites to be screened at a major Theater for the Best Of Open Screen Night.

    You made a short. We Screen It!
    There are lots of talented people out there making movies. Some have a lot of experience, and some are just learning, but all of them are putting their time and money into the art, and they are making features and shorts. The goal of this event is to give those indie movie makers a chance to see their short movies on a big screen with an audience, screen a trailer for a feature, and hopefully build connections that can lead to people making more films in the future.



    Screen Times:
    Shorts will be 20 minutes or less.

    The first hour and half submitted will be screened.

    Any additional submissions beyond an hour and a half will be first on the list for the next screening.

    Up to 3 trailers will also be accepted per screening.

    Try to keep the trailer around 2 minutes or less.

    One Trailer per producer at each screening


    1. You made a short (20 minutes or less).
    2. It has no nudity, pornography, or hate speech.
    3. Make sure the Sound quality is good.
    4. You have a .mov, .mp4, or other file that will play on a mac, or or a dvd that will play on a regular dvd player.

    But remember it's first submit first screened, based on postmarks and time files recieved. After the first hour and a half of submitted video, additional submissions will not be screened until the next screening.


    1. Then print the Submission Form and fill it out.
    2. Scan it and Email it to chattamovies at gmail,
    or Mail the Submission Form to:
       Jim Smith
       2025 Albemarle Drive
       Hixson, TN 37343

    3. Include the dvd with the submission form OR send chattamovies at gmail the file through a file share service like Google Drive, YouSendIt or MyBigFile.

    Contact Jim Smith through Chattamovie's facebook page for more info

The BEST OF Open Screen Night 2017 screening is scheduled for January in Chattanooga
Location: Cine-Rama
Date: To Be Announced Time: To Be Announced

Some Shorts from Past Best Of Open Screen Night